Treasure List

In our last gathering we were reminded that life’s fickle, unstable and finite nature has unsettled humans for ages. Traditions come to the rescue! They have evolved to help us feel safe. But not only do they comfort ourselves, they also are a way of caring for each other.

Traditions can range from personal things we do to feel grounded to global practices that connect us to broader group of humanity.

Here are some of our favorites from our 2nd Meaning Place meeting:

Children playing tug of war
Sports minus the competitiveness

Robin H. shared that coming from a family that has always been involved in sports, she had to reevaluate what about this family tradition she cherishes. Discarding the often competitive nature of sports has allowed her to retain physical activity as a big part of her life, which now has a replenishing effect.

Audience at business conference.
Higher education as a means to measure your passion.

Andrew O. shared that returning to college as an adult learner has become a way of proving to himself his commitment to his field of interest. This connects him to the age old tradition of truly pursuing ones passion through formal education.

Specific foods and full meals with friends, and family were mentioned by physical, and remote Meaning Place participants alike. Catherine said that food has always been an easy way for her to connect with strangers and neighbors, while sharing her own ethnic background with them. Katlin and Sandra mentioned how taking time for a full, sit-down meal with their friends is always restorative, as it will most likely result in a meaningful conversation.

Sunrise on Round Bald Panorama
A trail for every occasion

Having different hiking paths for different occasions has become an almost ritualistic choice in Robin S.’s life, when she feels the need for comfort. A specific view or scenery can provide the necessary component for our inner lives to settle again.

There were many more big and small traditions we shared. Add onto our list with your personal favorites in the comment section!

  • Marriage
  • Oscar nominee movie marathon
  • Honoring elders
  • Birthdays
  • Quiet contemplation



One thought on “Treasure List

  1. Jennifer Yano replied on Facebook: One of my favorite weekly rituals is going to the Farmer’s Market. While supporting sustainable and local agriculture, we get to thoughtfully think about the food we need for the week. When I used to go to the supermarket, I would pop in whenever I needed to, often multiple times a week to buy items as needed. Now it’s become a sacred Sunday event and something I very much look forward to instead of a chore.
    I guess it’s not so much a tradition as others on your list but if I do it enough I hope it becomes one.

    My reply: Coming form Germany, where the Saturday farmers market was/is a town-wide event, I definitely see this as a tradition that stretches across centuries in fact. I love how it makes you more aware of and careful with what you consume! Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!


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